SONG OF THE DAY The Crooked Spoke – The One You Left Behind

3628e70c749f4482bdc95040be17bc21After featuring the marvellous Peder last night I embarked on a little journey of musical discovery and this rather fruitful expedition led me onto tonight’s little diamond of a song.  That’s the beauty of music exploration, you never know what you are going to discover along the way and I thank Peder’s Soundcloud page for this track!

Asger Baden (keyboards and more) and Peter Leth (drums and more), are a pair of Danish composers going by the name The Crooked Spoke.  In 2008 the duo released collection of compositions titled ‘The One You Left Behind.’  This album evolved completely organically with no particular style or genre in mind, their only desire was to create a realm of dreamy escapism and this they certainly achieved with the title track.

Working from a tiny studio in Copenhagen’s gritty North West quarter, The One You Left Behind was entirely self-produced by the duo who made the majority of the recordings. But they did get help from a number of prominent collaborators including Claus Hempler, whose smooth and timeless vocals grace today’s song The One You Left Behind. Listen above.

Find The Crooked Spoke on Facebook here


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