SONG OF THE DAY El Huervo – Rust


To date I have thoroughly enjoyed the fine visual pleasures of Nicklas Akerblad’s artwork, (as seen on Bandcamp’s weekly show), and now I have experienced the delights of his audio creations.

Going by the name of El Huervo, artist Nicklas Akerblad has been constructing some very interesting atmospheric instrumentals as of late, with his latest album ‘Vandereer’ released only days ago.

This album is a celebration of his love for instrumental hip-hop and electronic music where songs veer from upbeat burbling soundscapes to more meditative and chilled beats. I’ve yet to hear the whole album in its entirety but so far I’m loving it.  It’s free-flowing feel allows you to bathe in the transition of upbeat to smooth and it is equally as easy on the ears as his artwork is to the eyes, it’s a sensory delight.

‘Rust’ rides on a gentle feel, steady beat and atmospheric sounds and spoken samples.  Dark yet inviting and particularly nice to take in through a pair of headphones..Listen above.

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