SONG OF THE DAY Nadia Nair – Dear Brother

3_nadia_nairToday’s song certainly packs a punch and the more I listen to it, the more I’m bowled over.

At first its the big beats that strike, accompanied by hard-hitting soulful vocals, and it was at this point, just seconds in, that I became aware that something good was going to come out of this, and it sure did!

Nadia Nair is a half-swedish, half Malaysian-Indian singer hailing from Gothenburg and her music is just as varied and interesting as her heritage.  Described as genre-defying, Nadia’s sound works in ways that you would never expect, her style an ever-growing blend of experimentation that has no bounds or limits it would seem.

It’s certainly impressive feat to mix together so many styles and to do it this well, but Nadia Nair has perfected the art of fusion and her music and poetry flows freely into a melting pot of continuous new ideas.

You couldn’t really categorise her as pop, psychedelic, world or electronic because she is all of these things.  Her’s is a world where sounds merge, a place where atmospheric guitars meet hard 90’s vibes, warm tropical vocals meet raw soul and mantras, the diverse flow of freedom always an exciting prospect of what is going to come next.

Nadia’s debut album ‘Beautiful Poetry’ is due on April 29th with second single ‘Dear Brother’ released just last week.  It’s such an interesting concoction, listen above.

First single ‘Something Something Something’ is also definitely worth checking out, find that here

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