SONG OF THE DAY Marie Queenie Lyons – See & Don’t See

Soul-Fever-front-coverWell, they say that good things come in threes and this is my third day of music orientated around a soul/funk theme.  I first heard this track a few years ago but so much can get lost and temporarily forgotten in a mind that’s constantly full of music.

Louisiana born Marie Queenie Lyons is an unsung artists who vanished into obscurity almost as quickly as she appeared when really her music is worthy of far more notable recognition.  Sharing stages with the likes of King Curtis, Jackie Wilson and James Brown, Lyons was originally signed to the King Records Subsidiary DeLuxe Records.  She began by releasing a few singles before her one and only full length 1970 LP, ‘Soul Fever.’  At the time the album had little impact but now the original pressing is both a collectible and sought after item.

Soul-Fever-back-cover‘Soul Fever’ was Marie Queenie Lyons first and only album, nothing was recorded after its release which is a crying shame because her voice is one powerful force to be reckoned with and the album is still so highly regarded.

Taken from this great one-off release comes the impressive ‘See & Don’t See,’ a song that showcases a voice you will never forget once heard.  Listen above.

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