SONG OF THE DAY José González – Far Away


Jose-Gonzalez-RDR-VGA-PosterRecently I have been introduced to the wonders of Red Dead Redemption, and for anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it’s an awesome Grand-Theft-Auto style game set in the Old West.

I’m addicted, and even with missions aside, I could just ride my horse through the desert chasing a glowing sun as it sets in the dusty, atmospheric canyon-filled landscape.

The scenery is stunning, wild and constantly changing with eagles soaring above, their lonely cry a haunting, echoing sound. Every so often a steam train pipes up as it cuts through the baron, dusty land and rugged mountains, and if you’re lucky enough you may even get the odd Coyote try to eat you! To accompany part of this game (and at the point where you enter Mexico for the first time), comes a perfectly fitting song called ‘Far Away.’  Written and performed by Jose Gonzalez, this track is a beauty, I love its soft delivery and twangy guitar and with the lyrics “Stand in front of a runaway train / just to feel alive again,”  what better kind of line to incorporate into a game that follows a former-outlaw-turned-bounty hunter intent on getting his family back?  Listen above, it’s lovely!

González performed his original song “Far Away” at the Spike Video Game Awards, where it won Best Song for its featured appearance in ‘Rockstar Games’ video game Red Dead Redemption, which also took home the award for Game of the Year.

I’ve even included a link to a Youtube video showing of the game with the song just so you can get a feel for what I’m talking about should you be wondering!

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