SONG OF THE DAY Flamingods – Rhama

“We like to make noise with instruments collected from around the world.” Flamingods.

FlamingodsThe Flamingods are quite an exquisite blend of 5 musicians, all of whom are greatly inspired by world music and instrumentation.

Pronounced ‘fla-min-gods’, they see their calling as an otherworldly beast combining their favourite animal – the flamingo – with mythology.

Their sound is cross-cultural and blends a myriad of genres and styles together, each rhythm and melody inspired from a different corner of the globe; the band have even been known to operate from various locations all across the world whilst recording one album!

Following their 2014 critically acclaimed sophomore record ‘Hyperborea,’ the band are due to release third album ‘Majesty’ this summer.  This will be their debut release on Soundway Records and looks set to be a more experimental venture, taking their sound in a new multi-layered direction and bursting with a diverse influences that reflect their multi-cultural backgrounds.

This collection of songs is rooted in psychedelia and, as the band describes, was “written and arranged with a conceptual narrative, cohesive both musically and lyrically, following the story of protagonist Yuka on his journey of enlightenment. The record is split in two, morning/light/good and evening/dark/evil that unravels track-by-track as the record plays out. “

Taster  track ‘Rhama’ is available now and is a steady-paced drone with hypnotic effects; this is exotic psychedelia at its finest, also encapsulating an important element of their sound, repetition and the idea of cycles.  Listen above.

‘Majesty’ is released on June 10th and can be pre-ordered from here

The band is also touring, check below for dates and click on poster to be directed to their Facebook page!


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