SONG OF THE DAY Kaviar Special – Starving

a3916872206_10Today’s little number has a catchy tune and snappy beat, quite the perfect blend for an all round fetching song don’t you think?

Released via the awesome French Psych label, Howlin’ Banana Records, (read & hear more in my January post here), Kaviar Special are a French four-piece whose Lo-Fi psyched-up sound fondly calls out to the glory days of Garage Pop and Flower Punk.

The blossoming psychedelic 60’s is a musical era for which I often harp on about, but it is dear to my heart and I do revel in the fact that this old sound is creeping back and being revived via bands such as these.

What I also appreciate about this revival is that, although inspired by the past, what is being created today is still very much rooted in the now, it is not trying to copy or imitate but rather recreate, there is still more than enough room for originality.

Equipped with a strong DIY approach, Kaviar Special’s sound combines nostalgic garage pop with elements of punk and psych rock, it’s a good solid sound with dreamy contrasting lightweight vocals.

‘Starving’ appears on their forthcoming album which is due out on April 8th via Howlin’ Banana Records. Pre order your copy here  and listen above.

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