SONG OF THE DAY Foxtails Brigade – No Fate

0006641059_10I just love Laura Weinbach’s vocals, she’s nailed a very distinctive sound of her own and there is no mistaking her, yelps and all!

Oakland, CA based Foxtails Brigade are to release their third self-titled album on April 8th and just days ago shared third single, ‘No Fate.’

This edgy little track is packed full of fresh melodic synths, crisp guitar riffs, driving drums and the ever rhythmic vocals of Laura Weinbach.  With two tuneful notes a graceful prelude to the songs bouncy tempo, ‘No Fate’ is a driving track and I’m really enjoying the ride.

Check out the video above, all featured pictures and doodles were drawn by Laura Weinbach too!

‘No Fate’ will be included on their self-titled album that will be released on OIM Records (USA) and Rallye Label (Japan). Release date; April 8th.

Pre-order (vinyl, CD, digital) also via the band’s Bandcamp page.

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