SONG OF THE DAY Pollyn – Dark Tokyo

0000010157_10Dark Pollyn have been making music since 2009 and are a LA trio consisting of vocalist Genevieve Artadi, guitarist Anthony Cava, and beat maker/percussionist Adam Jay Weissman.

What’s interesting about this band is the varied concoction of sounds thrown together, their music is an ever-evolving blend of synth-pop, funk and indie and their unique style testimony to their experimental streak.

Their UK presence has been rather minimal over the years but in the US they have stirred a few waves, gaining recognition for what has become a curious signature sound.  Elements of 80’s sounding synths merge with trip-hop beats and hints of Portishead and Air can also be detected, it’s worth a listen.

What grabbed my attention today was new single ‘Dark Tokyo’ which appears on their forthcoming third album ‘Distress Signals,’ due May 13th.  Accompanying this track is a weird and wonderful arty cartoon video depicting the ravenous power of love and its all-absorbing and consuming (quite literally), glory.  It’s a fascinating watch with trippy, dreamlike visuals, laser beam synths and a funky melody.  Watch above.

Pollyn’s third album DISTRESS SIGNALS is out May 13th

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