SONG OF THE DAY Xenia Rubinos – Lonely Lover

xenia-rubinos-compressedSo, I’m quickly scribbling down my thoughts on ‘Lonely Lover’ because it’s my first listen to the song and it feels like a bit of a magical mystery ride.

There’s quite a lot going on here, with twists and turns in abundance, it certainly intriguing me.  There is a degree of edginess to this track coupled with an unusual melody, and then when it reaches the chorus it strays into more of a mainstream realm before escorting you back onto the original less travelled track of the second verse.  I’m liking the transition and really love the way that the rhythm drives this song, with its funky drum beat and catchy bass melody it has a really unusual edge.

I haven’t even mentioned the vocals yet have I? Well, they are a very important factor in my appreciation for this song too as Xenia Rubinos has a really powerful, soulful voice.  Her jazzy, earthy tone not only compliments the funky vibes of this song, but adds to it like a tuneful instrument in its own right, rising and falling effortlessly.

So lets talk about the lady behind this great song….

Brooklyn-based Xenia Rubinos is s composer and singer-songwriter who studied music at college, beginning her musical journey both writing and notating music for orchestral instruments such as trombones.  She soon turned her hand to pop music and her writing took on a new edge and it was at this point that she claimed that “Writing music at that moment was like lighting myself on fire.”

With this new musical direction firmly ignited, she then teamed up with drummer Marco Buccelli and released their debut album, ‘Magic Trix’ in 2013.  Drawing upon a wide selection of influences from funk, indie, Caribbean rhythms and beat music, Xenia Rubinos’ sound creatively blends these elements together, adding a large splash of soul to the mix too.  Rubinos is of Puerto Rican and Cuban origin and sings in English and Spanish which also adds to the already rich and diverse mix.

Today’s song comes from Xenia’s forthcoming album ‘Black Terry Cat’ which is due out on June 3rd and is to be the first release for Anti Records.  The album has been described by the lady herself as, “rhythmically fierce, vocally generous music that slips through the net of any known genre.” Check out first single ‘Lonely Lover’ above.

Pre-order your copy of ‘Black Terry Cat’ from here


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