SONG OF THE DAY Sam Fletcher – I’d Think It Over

fe6df476fc7e4ba0a206852875d067e4For me soul is one of those genres that I don’t really know enough about because I always seem to find that I either really like it or dislike it, (but if you have a really nice rare soul/funk song suggestion, please do send it to me!)

I heard today’s song on a random radio show and it took a little while to track it down but I got there in the end.  Titled ‘I’d Think It Over,’ this record was originally released in 1964 on the Tollie label with ‘Friday Night’ as its B-side.

Performed by Tennessee-born Sam Fletcher (real name Ira Levi Fletcher), this artist was often referred to as ” The Man With The Golden Voice,” and it was this distinctive feature that drew the attention of some of history’s greatest vocalists with Nat King Cole, Aretha Franklin and Nancy Wilson just some of his biggest fans.  Also known for his good looks and impeccable showmanship it was often reported that his voice had the ability to reduce its listeners to tears, quite the perfect combination it would seem!

Sam Fletcher’s rise to fame came after a series of ground-breaking 1960’s TV appearances and nightclub shows which subsequently ignited LA’s legendary live jazz scene.  Prior to that in the late 50’s he had recorded two singles for both the Cub and Metro labels and was then signed to RCA in 1960 where he went onto release six singles.  In 1963 he recorded one release for Warner Brothers and then along came ‘I’d Think About It’ in 1964.   I loved this song from the minute it started, the fluttering snare, the snappy intro and especially the rich, luxuriant vocals; I can see where the ‘Golden Voice’ title came from!  Listen above.

Today, some people call Sam’s story “a great American tragedy” because of his public battle with addiction and eventual fade into obscurity. His most devoted fans, however, hold cherished memories of an exquisite talent and going by this song I can see why….

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