SONG OF THE DAY Foxtails Brigade – Watch Me

0006641059_10I’ve got a lot of time for this band and have to say that you would be hard pressed to find anything out there, past or present, that has a sound resembling the Oakland-based Foxtails Brigade.

Their music explores various genres such as rock, pop, and indie chamber-pop, but it’s hard to pin down their sound.  One thing is for certain, however, no matter what their experimental hands touch, it always turns to the unusual.

Front woman Laura Weinbach, the lady behind Foxtails Brigade, has paved herself a very unique path with distinct vocals, songwriting and unconventional song structures something to marvel at.  This sound is really unique, creating a world where the future is excitingly uncertain.

At the end of last week the band released their third self-titled album via OIM Records in North America and on Rallye in Japan, I have just been giving it a listen.

One of the many tracks that stood out (and it was touch picking one) was “Watch Me.”  This is one of the more gentle songs on the album with a simplistic, serene and stripped-back structure that really grips at you with its ethereal feel.  Listen above

Order the album (vinyl, CD, digital) via the band’s Bandcamp page.

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