SONG OF THE DAY Seratones – Chandelier

145702139335_AMThis is one debut album that I am really looking forward to hearing in all of its glorious  entirety! I’ve been eagerly anticipating its release ever since I first stumbled upon the mighty Seratones at the beginning of the month.

This rockin’ four-piece band from Shreveport, Louisiana create music that is designed to, (as described in their own words), ‘rock your socks off and blow your mind!’  This is no fanciful, exaggerated statement either I hasten to add, because if what I have heard so far is anything to go by, their money is firmly where their mouths are and I’d back them all the way!

Recently signed to Fat Possum Records, the Seratones released their debut single ‘Necromancer’ last October and are due to release their debut album, ‘Get Gone’ due on May 6th.

Today’s song features on their upcoming LP and is titled ‘Chandelier’ and kicks off with a tuneful yelp from front woman, AJ Haynes whose giant vocals are nothing short of mighty! Listen above and pre-order ‘Get Gone’ from their Bandcamp page here

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