SONG OF THE DAY Woods – Hang It On Your Wall

12565488_1207887519241030_9183412916765689770_nBrooklyn-based Woods released their ninth album on the 9th of this month and titled this delightful collection of songs, ‘City Sun Eater in the River of Light.’  Released via the band’s Woodsist imprint, this is a collective of musicians whose solid consistency over the last ten years has earned them a very distinguished and defined experimental sound of their own.

With their feet firmly rooted to a folk-based grounding, their heads scale the dizzy heights as singer Jeremy Earl’s falsetto range soars, and all that falls in between these extremes are married by contemplative lyrics and tuneful folk/world-inspired rhythms and melodies.

Taken from their latest album comes today’s song, ‘Hang It On Your Wall.’  I love the slow pace of this song, the light, airy, crystal clear vocals and very catchy melody. Listen above.

Order your copy of ‘City Sun Eater In The River Of Light’ here and check out their Soundcloud album description below:

 “Woods have always been experts at distilling life epiphanies into compact chunks of psychedelic folk that exists just outside of any sort of tangible time or place. Maybe those epiphanies were buried under cassette manipulation or drum-and-drone freakouts, or maybe they were cloaked in Jeremy Earl’s lilting falsetto, but over the course of an impressive eight albums, Woods refined and drilled down their sound into City Sun Eater in the River of Light, their ninth LP and second recorded in a proper studio. It’s a dense record of rippling guitar, lush horns, and seductive, bustling anxiety about the state of the world. It’s still the Woods you recognize, only now they’re dabbling in zonked out Ethiopian jazz, pulling influence from the low key simmer of Brown Rice, and tapping into the weird dichotomy of making a home in a claustrophobic city that feels full of possibility even as it closes in on you. City Sun Eater in the River of Light is concise, powerful, anxious—barreling headlong into an uncertain, constantly shifting new world.”

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