SONG OF THE DAY King Khan – Never Hold On

unnamed-2_vice_970x435Singer-songwriter and producer King Kahn has recently shared a new track called ‘Never Hold On.’  This funky little soul number wouldn’t sound at all out-of-place on a Curtis Mayfield album and has been featured on the soundtrack to the film The Invaders (all of which was also composed by Kahn).  The film is named after a Memphis-based ‘intellectual street gang’ who had their roots in the Southern Christian Reformist scene but were tired of the passivity of non-violence.  They conducted the last meeting with Dr. Martin Luther King before his assassination at the Lorraine Hotel, and yet their story is mostly unknown. This film, with a soundtrack composed entirely by King Khan, aims to rectify that.

Released last Friday via his own Khannibalism label (which was recently co-founded by Khan in cooperation with Ernest Jenning Record Co.), this track comes with a fantastically slinky b-side called ‘A Tree Not A Leaf Am I,’ which I fully recommend is well worth a listen if you haven’t got there already!

Speaking of the new single, King Khan had this to say:

“For this single from The Invaders soundtrack, I got to assemble my dream band including, Pamelia Stickney, Theremin virtuoso, Toby Dammit (Swans, Stooges) on drums, gas cans and all sorts of percusssion, the one woman orchestra known as Gillian Rivers, my 12 year old daughter Bella,” Khan said of the track. “‘Never Hold On’ appears in the film during MLK’s funeral and I tried to capture the intensity of what it must have been like on that day, it might be the best song I ever recorded. ‘A Tree Not A Leaf Am I’ was a song I co-wrote with Adan Jodorowsky.”

Purchase your copy of ‘Never Hold On’ here

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