SONG OF THE DAY Elite Beat – Los Baez After Midnight

a2874933212_10This funky Portland OR. band are an experimental 6-piece whose sound is inspired by world music, their influences deriving from just about any corner of the globe!

Coming together nearly a decade ago, Elite Beat have perfected the art of creating a live sound that is heavily based on rhythm. With ecstatic horn and guitar fuelled compositions merging with layers of electrified dub, this sound both shakes and awakes the senses; whilst powerful melodic bass lines and percussion-driven polyrhythms adds an element of depth.

Following last years ‘Casual Rhythms Vol. 1’, Boomarm Nation  now present the Elite Beat’s latest offering and second volume in the Casual Rhythms Volume series.  

Released on the 15th of this month, you can grab your copy of Volume 2 from here

Taken from their latest release comes today’s great psych-dub song, ‘Los Baez After Midnight.’ I’m really liking the steady paced rhythm, soaring melodic horns and heavy grooving bass line! Listen above

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