SONG OF THE DAY Chelou – You’re So Good

0005281307_10No stranger to The Listening Post Blog, I first discovered Chelou last March when I stumbled upon one of his early singles titled ‘Aneurysm.’

At the time I did a little investigative work and tried to find out more about this new and emerging artist but, true to his name (the word Chelou is a French expression used to describe something that is unknown), Chelou is something of a mystery and there isn’t too much out there about him as of yet.

But his music has made an impression and in 2014 when Chelou released an online preview of his track “The Quiet,” it wasn’t long before it went viral and his music has since continued to lure in new followers, with today’s track featuring on a few Radio 1 playlists recently.

Today I opened an email with a sneak preview of Cherlou’s new song ‘Don’t Hate Me’ and was not disappointed, so I’ll definitely be sharing this track as soon as possible! Watch this space!!

In the meantime, I’ve had a delve into last years ‘Mothership’ EP and picked out first track ‘You’re So Good,’ a gentle wash of hushed electronics, soft vocals and organic rhythms.  Listen above.

Listen and buy the whole ‘Mothership’ EP here


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