SONG OF THE DAY Miles Mosley – Abraham

Miles-Mosley-Abraham-300x300Miles Mosley is an upright bassist, composer, producer and arranger who has recently announced the launch of his new single ‘Abraham.’

The Jazz musician has teamed up with members of the L.A collective, West Coast Get Down to compose the song which, taken from Mosley’s first name by birth, is a tale of bravado in which a man, pressured by his surroundings, continues to lift himself up.

Accompanying inspiring lyrics comes a powerful fanfare of sounds, both of which are delivered with forceful, uplifting conviction; it’s a burst of brightness!

With help from his band mates and To Pimp A Butterfly‘s saxophonist Kamasi Washington, the L.A. jazz musician incorporates influences of rock, soul, jazz, funk and pop into his sound, defining his highly dynamic approach to songwriting.

Today’s song, which Mike Mosley been performing on tour with Washington, is semi-autobiographical. Mosley’s birth name is Abraham, and the story is partly a product of his heritage. “I feel as though I am a natural expression of diversity and oneness,” he says. “Being born of a Jewish mother and Southern Baptist father, I grew up in Los Angeles constantly being faced with the pressure and suggestion to be more like one than the other depending on circumstances, thus, I’ve been “soul searching” since I was 5. The first book my mother ever gave me to read was the “Tibetan Book of the Dead,” so I cultivated an early adoration for powerful texts, and their effect on different societies. ‘Abraham’ was written to feel like a powerful arrival of self-knowing. To step on stage in front of thousands of people, introduce myself through song, and share my voice both personally and through my unique approach to the instrument is an honor, that’s why I make sure I play my bass loud enough for even my ancestors to feel.”  Listen above.

World Galaxy / Alpha Pup Records released “Abraham” on April 15th and you can download your copy from here


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