damienDamien Jurado released his 13th album, ‘Visions of Us on the Land’ back in March this year, and from this comes today’s song ‘QACHINA,’ it’s a dreamy three and a half minutes of gentle escapism.

The album was Jurado’s fourth collaboration with producer Richard Swift and also marks the third and final entry in his Maraqopa trilogy which started in 2012.  ‘QCHINA’ was the second single to be released from ‘Visions of Us on the Land’ and is accompanied by a great psych-filled desert-based video shot in and around Joshua Tree by director Jordan Halland.  Talking about the video Halland said:

“My goal with the music video was to make the viewer feel like they are watching a fever dream. We spent 4 days wandering the desert filming everywhere from Joshua Tree to Salton Sea. My goal was to use everyday people, objects and places to make it unsettling but not scary.” Jurado adds, “The video was shot on film and a Super 8 camera. Jordan worked a lot from the imagery seen on the album cover. It is captured as a wonderful psychedelic interpretation of what I feel is the spirit, and at times, open-ended, colorful feeling of this new album.”

Visions of Us on the Land is now available via Secretly Canadian

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