SONG OF THE DAY Mark Pritchard – Beautiful People (feat. Thom Yorke)

86cdaa8ff49875bec47444a44e37ed7e741976817c43662a2b8c2e09This summer, Australian-based producer Mark Pritchard returns with a new album, ‘Under The Sun’, his first since release 2011’s Steve Spacek collaboration 93 Million Miles (as Africa HiTech).  One of the unique selling points to this new LP is the inclusion of high-profile collaborations, which sees Pritchard teaming up with the likes of Linda Perhacs, Bibio, and Thom Yorke.

Today’s song is called “Beautiful People” and is the track that Yorke guests on with its original instrumental version being a, ”personal song about loss, hopelessness and chaos, but ultimately the message is love and hope,” Pritchard said in a press release, also adding that “Thom’s contribution to this collaboration captured perfectly what the piece is about. I will be forever grateful to have worked with such an immense talent.”

I love the gentle pace of this song and couldn’t think of anyone better than Thom Yorke to completely fill and absorb the vocal opportunity here.

Mark Pritchard’s forthcoming album ‘Under the Sun’ is due on the 13th May via Warp Records and can be pre ordered from here


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