SONG OF THE DAY Nassau – Wake the Dead

0007336347_10This track has something effortless and special about it and is making me feel really weightless! So much so I am virtually floating into the next room from just listening to it, and the only thing anchoring me to my chair right now is the desire to hear this song to the end…

Nassau is a collaborative recording project from Brooklyn-based songwriters Justin Wilcox and Jeffrey Silverstein.  Brought together by the desire to create raw and honest music, the pair began with nothing more that a handful of riffs and half-songs, and from that their creations are evolving.

In the late part of 2015 the pair spent a lot of time recording demo’s and laying the groundwork for their forthcoming debut EP, ‘Hoss’ which is due on 23rd June.

While a distinct sound continues to flourish, initial psych/folk offerings are rooted in interweaving guitar lines, ambient textures and Wilcox’s tranquil vocal delivery.

Today’s song, “Wake the Dead” is the first single from the group’s forthcoming EP Hoss, which will be out this spring, and is a smooth wash of gentle wispy rhythms, mellow laid-back guitar and serene vocals; but be sure to tether yourself down when you play it through, you may just float away listening to this. Check it out above.

Hoss EP is released on June 23rd, via Fire Talk Records

Pre-order it here

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