SONG OF THE DAY Turnip King – Metonymy

a2258407214_10Coming at you from another spacey dimension is today’s great, otherworldly sounding song, ‘Metonymy.’

This track literally sounds like it was broadcast from another psychedelic planet where hazy guitars, mellow rhythms and echoing vocals all get to spend their days rocking to a weightless beat; exuding a truly ethereal flow, I’m finding it hard not to get sucked this songs kaleidoscopic vacuum!

Hailing from Sea Cliff, New York, Turnip king are a four piece who first came together whilst still in High School consisting of founding members,  Lucia Arias, Cal Fish, Nick Kivien and Christian Billard.

Releasing their debut EP ‘Moon Landing’ via Fire Talk Records in May 2013, the band parted ways shortly after so that they could pursue their own ‘life’ journeys.  This saw Cal & Christian attend BARD a liberal arts school, Lucia remain in the city and Nick leaving the band to form Sunflower Bean another up & coming young band signed to Fat Possum Records.

Today’s song features on, “Laika” which is the debut full length written in between class sessions and fleshed out in a fairly brisk week-long recording session in a legendary studio in NYC.  Now joined on bass by Ken Winfield, Turnip King is poised to break.

Due out on August 19th (also on a Limited Edition Cherry Red Vinyl – 100 only), you can pre-order ‘Laika’ from the Turnip King’s Bandcamp page here.



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