As of tomorrow The Listening Post Blog will be going offline for a few days to take a short break, but fear not, I shall be back on 21st May with plenty more songs to share, you can bet your bottom dollar on that !

MeltYourselfDownAt the beginning of January 2015 I discovered the wonders of Zun Zun Egui, a musically eclectic band originating from Bristol in 2008.  Their diverse, energised and experimental sound blended jazz and world music, with a whole lot more in between.

Disappointingly the group disbanded last year but I was recently alerted to the good news that frontman Kushal Gaya has formed another band called ‘Melt Yourself Down, (Zun Zun Egui’s split was apparently driven partly by a desire to focus on other projects).

‘Melt Yourself Down’ released their debut in 2013 and last month shared their second album, ‘Last Evenings On Earth,’ which once again unleashed the distinct power and energy of Kushal Gaya.

Taken from this album comes today’s song, ‘Listen Out,’ and I must warn you now, this fast-paced, brass-filled, world of sound will no doubt send you into a dance frenzy, so get ready for funk mayhem and be ready for the crazy peak at the end! Listen above.

Order your copy of ‘Last Evenings On Earth’ and Melt Yourself Down with their debut album here 

See you on the 21st May xxx

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