SONG OF THE DAY The Kindling – Climb In

0004350843_10Returning from a place by the sea that stole my heart more than 26 years ago is never easy, I often think that it wouldn’t take much to persuade me to stay there forever, I’d never tire of the wilderness and the ocean.

I came back to a mountain of emails and amidst this pile was a link to a new video which has just been released to accompany a song I covered last year, (read more on my page here).  The timing was perfect, ‘Climb In’ couldn’t be more apt in capturing where my mind is at today, it’s a great track.

The Kindling are a 3-piece from London who came together in 2010.  Inspired by artists such as Sparklehorse, Tom Waits, Mount Eerie, Roy Orbision, Neil Young, Beatles and early McCartney to name a few, the band have perfected the art of minimalism, creating their very own distinct organic, stripped-down sound.

Releasing their debut album “By Morning” last March, the band have just shared a new video for “Climb In,” a song which features on this debut, (and also happens to be one of my favourite songs!).  Demonstrating perfectly the bands ability to create a sense of space through their music, ‘Climb In’ is a song to get lost in.  It’s absorbing quality whisks you away to the ocean where tumbling drums gather like the waves and soothing vocals wash over, urging you to “swim away” and “taste the water.” It’s a song of escapism and the desire we all have to connect with the elements: “can’t keep nothing from nature, won’t keep nature from us..”

This is the perfect song for my day, I played it and I am once again beside at the sea, smelling the salty air and thinking of nothing but how the sight, smell and sound consumes me..

Check out and purchase your copy of ‘By Morning’ on The Kindling’s Bandcamp page here.

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