SONG OF THE DAY D.D Dumbo – Satan

dd-dumboI’ve been eagerly awaiting this day and it’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over and after a two-year hiatus Oliver Hugh Perry, aka D.D Dumbo, has finally returned!

It filled my heart and ears with joy when I heard that the Castlemaine psych-rocker had released a brand new song titled ”Satan,” and upon first listen this track did not disappoint.  D.D Dumbo made such an impression on the Listening Post Blog back in 2014 that he was awarded as the LP’s Artist of the Year, I simply can’t rant enough about this artist and urge you to fully investigate his music if you haven’t already done so!

Signed to 4AD in 2014, D.D Dumbo’s distinctive sound draws upon many global influences, incorporating these key elements into his eclectic mix and describing his music as “a modernized, globally resonant version of the blues.”   

Released on the 18th of this month new track ‘Satan’ is a burst of energy and sunshine,   with sophisticated layers of instruments all intertwined.  The soft drone of a sitar contrasts the pulsating beat of a cowbell whilst curious vocals march to an upbeat rhythm; as always D.D Dumbo delivers an all-encompassing feast of sounds, striking and so very unique!

The video to ‘Satan’ was directed by Jim Elson and filmed in north-west Victoria and features the uniformed march of white-clad dancers, the unusual visuals fitting in with the video’s description:  “We were looking for locations that were iconically Australian but that also had a strong otherworldly quality. I think it’s easy to take these environments for granted when you grow up there, so it was an exciting process to ‘discover’ them again in a different way.”

D.D Dumbo has begun a tour, starting in his home country of Australia before coming over to the UK and Europe next month.

In the meantime you can download your copy of ‘Satan’ from here

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