SONG OF THE DAY Sidibe – Everything I Wouldn’t Do

0006909010_10Sidibe is a singer-songwriter hailing from Los Angeles with a refreshing penchant for all things soulful.  Rooted in soul, her music is a blend of R&B, house and pop, often swaying towards her Senegalese roots too.

Releasing her debut album, ‘Metaphysical’ in 2014, Sidibe’s is influenced by the likes of Sade, Minnie Riperton, Janet Jackson and Joni Mitchell whilst maintaining her own individual and distinctive sound.  Lyrically she is thought-provoking, drawing out syllables with an alluring tone, all of which compliments the lush soundscapes of her music.

Her latest EP, ‘You Got The Luck’ was released on the 10th May and brings a sound that is reminiscent of our favourite classics, but with a fresh and modern production. Rich harmonies, melodies and lyrics are effortlessly delivered by this five octave vocalist and self-professed romantic; this is a big rich sound..though some of this EP is a little too romantic for me!!

One track that stood out was ‘Everything I wouldn’t Do,’ and I don’t need explain too much what this is about because the clue is in the title, not to mention opening line: ‘I’ve been trying to act like a lady…’   You have to love this line..Listen above.

Grab your copy of ‘You Got The Luck’ from Sidibe’s Bandcamp page here

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