SONG OF THE DAY Peter Power – Sun Sun Damba

Multi Culti is Canadian label founded by Thomas Von Party and Angus Gruzman in 2013.

2016-aus-multicultiThe label was established in 2013 by Montreal’s Thomas Von Party and Sydney artist Dreems, and has gone on to release music from artists like Auntie Flo, Jagwar Ma and Crowdpleaser.

Multi Culti’s first compilation will be spread across six 12-inches released between March and June, totalling 21 tracks. These EPs will be divided into two themed halves: Sun Gaze, which “pulls in warm, ethnically diverse tracks” from Nicola Cruz (see my blog pages here and here), Zongamin and Moscoman, and Moon Faze, where “things get darker and trippier” with Dreems, LUM and Crowdpleaser.   The individual vinyl releases will be followed by a complete digital collection due on June 21st, with a four-record box set with “a custom designed pressed tin casing with fabric inner-sleeves and lots of bells and whistles.”

Today’s song features on Sun Gaze part III and is titled ‘Sun Sun Damba.’  Artist Peter Power pulls up the post peyote summer sunrise anthem, a sweet sing-a-long perfect for cult heart-opening exercises and shamanic morning rituals.  This song reminds me of Nicola Cruz in the way it blends old folkloric sounds with modern beats, it uplifts and transports.  Listen above.

In Multi Culti’s words their music is: “Music to trip to. Music to meditate on. Music to upgrade your DNA. Music to get your whole family dancing. Music to teach you. Music to live by. Music to die to. MUSIC TO MULTIPLY YOUR MIND” 

Find all Multi Culti tracks on their Soundcloud page here


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