SONG OF THE DAY Dirty White Fever – Not Another Love Song

dirty-white-fever-900pxThis song makes a slithery entrance, growling and snarling as it builds, curling and unfurling as it draws you into its scuzzy clutches.  Its dark, its raw and it’s definitely Not Another Love Song!

This is the new single from Brighton-based Dominic Knight and Leon Holder, aka Dirty White Fever; a duo that specialises in the fusion of garage rock, hip hop, break beats and blues.

Their sound, especially the single’7.8hz,’ made me think of one my all time favourites the 80’s Matchbox B-Line Disaster  and then I discovered that there is actually a link between the two!!  Frontman Dominic Knight was a member of the great 80’s Matchbox B-Line wonder Dirty White Fever are sounding so good!

‘Not Another Love Song’ follows in the hefty footsteps of last years single, ‘7.83hz’ (which I have just checked out and equally loved!), and introduces you to their rock’n’roll fuelled side where dirty blues riffs and edgy beats merge in a very Dead Weather’y way. Listen above and if you like this, hear more on their Soundcloud page here.

Part of a double single set ‘Not Another Love Song’ appears alongside ‘Faultlines,’ which I thought I’d be really kind and include, it’s definitely worth a watch.

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