SONG OF THE DAY Kaia kater – Little Pink

kkh-nine-pin-cover-web-resKaia Kater is one of the youngest artist to emerge in the roots music scene but listening to her bewitching sound you could easily be fooled into thinking that she is far older than just 22.

Born in Quebec of mixed Afro-Caribbean ancestry, she now resides in Toronto and spends extensive time in West Virginia, where she studies balladry and traditional dance. As a songwriter, she works to incorporate her perspective as one of the few people of color in roots music into the complex racial history of the traditions themselves.

Kaia Kater’s music is delicate and organic, played out on a banjo and based upon her very own unique take on Appalachian and Canadian traditional music.  In 2012 Kaia released her debut EP followed by her debut album ‘Sorrow Bound’ which came out in the UK in 2015.

‘Little Pink’ appears on Kaia’s forthcoming LP, ‘Nine Pin’ and is a beautiful folk track, it’s sucked me in and as soon as I’ve posted this I’m going off to listen to lots, lots more! Watch above.

Discover more on Kaia’s website here


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