SONG OF THE DAY Goat – The Snake of Addis Ababa

a2232299494_10Swedish experimentalists Goat are back and return with two great new songs which were released via Rocket Recordings just two days ago.  Consisting of an upbeat and completely unplugged A-side called ‘I Sing In Silence,’ the accompanying B-side is a hypnotic instrumental titled ‘The Snake of Addis Ababa.’

Both tracks are equally captivating but ‘The Snake of Addis Ababa’ won me over with its mesmerizing, trance-inducing qualities.  This looping North African mantra buzzes along to a funky djembe groove and the twisting, turning melody of a guitar and piano, rising as it progresses and drawing you deeper into its magnetic clutches.  Listen and lose yourself above.

Grab your copy of this single from Goat’s Bandcamp page here

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