SONG OF THE DAY Peter Knight/Way Out West – Latest and Breaking

a0215365576_10Peter Knight is an award-winning Australian trumpeter-composer whose eclectic sounds have gained him wide acclaim over the years.  Fusing together jazz, world and experimental traditions, he fronts a number of his own projects and appears as a soloist in a range of settings; also composing for theatre and film.

For his latest project Peter Knight has teamed up with Australian band, Way Out West and together they are leading the way in an important musical movement that merges the sounds of Australia and Asia to produce a unique hybrid form of jazz.

Led by Peter Knight, Way Out West’s self-titled fourth album was released today via Australian Jazz label Jazzhead and builds on the band’s long history of integrating Asian instrumentation.

‘Latest and Breaking’ features on this new release and is an uplifting, free-flowing instrumental track with natural, fluid rhythms and raindrop-like melodies cascading into a pool of uplifting jazz and hip shaking West African-influenced grooves; it’s an invigorating listen.

If you like what you’ve heard so far, you can purchase the whole album from here

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