SONG OF THE DAY Betty Kills – Get Around

e1d094_87f11a5e633d4bad94bd1ab3abdb9799After a good old delve into the world on new music today I stumbled upon this rather catchy track from a band going by the name of Betty Kills.

Based in New York and formally known as NixonLove, Betty Kills is a multi-instrumentalist indie rock band that incorporate a lot of heavy reverb, synth beats, sound bites and  lo-fi guitar into their sound.

Latest track ‘Get Around’ seems to have more bite than previous works and melodiously yelled its way into my ears, and this is where its been ever since.  Catchy lines tunefully howl in a seemingly haphazard manner but their repetition sticks and quickens in pace as an accompanying guitar picks wildly in fierce conjunction.  I love its stripped back, raw sound and hope that there is more of this to come.  Listen above. Into

‘Get Around’ was released yesterday and can be purchased from here

Listen to more Betty Kills here (‘Great Dane Society’ is another great track to listen out for).

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