Evan Geesman ft. Brutis Perux – $talk$ Lago$ Mix (Brutis Perux)

a2354840422_10Following his January LP ‘Coils,’ Californian producer Evan Geesman has last week released another fine collection of his work titled ‘Uncoiled.’

For this album the Santa Ana singer/songwriter and electronic producer has remixed a selection of tracks from ‘Coils’ and in doing so has added a new electronic dimension to previous works.

Today’s song is a jazzier version of ‘Stalks’, boosted by a slightly quicker pace, loose beats, dreamy synths and melodic layering..I’m liking it!  Listen above.

Released via Ubiquity Records here are links to ‘Coils’ and ‘Uncoiled’ .

Read more about Evan Geesman on my blog post here



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2 Responses to Evan Geesman ft. Brutis Perux – $talk$ Lago$ Mix (Brutis Perux)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Peace and Love, thank you for the spins.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It was a total pleasure Perux, a total pleasure 🙂


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