SONG OF THE DAY The Mystery Lights – What Happens When You Turn The Devil Down

“We are looking forward to Wick doing for rock & roll what Daptone has done for soul music” ( Neal Sugarman -Daptone co-owner)


Daptone’s new and exciting subsidiary company, Wick Records have set about creating a label with a sound rooted in psych, garage and rock & roll; and so far their first release is already more than fulfilling this criteria!

Brooklyn-based 4-piece, The Mystery Lights were the first to release on this label with debut single ‘Too Many Girls’ recorded at Daptone’s own studios and launched in August last year.  The young garage-rock outfit, consisting of Mike Brandon on guitar/vocals, Nick Pillot on drums, Alex Amini on bass and Kevin Harris on organ, have released their  self-titled debut album today via Wick Records; I’ve been waiting since last December for this and man is it worth the wait!a0991358779_10

Here, in all their psychedelic-punk and fuzzed-out glory, are 11 tracks of garage rock bliss where melodic guitar solo’s dance with stomping rhythms whilst the striking vocals of front man Mike Brandon fiercely roar…and if you ever find yourself wondering What Happens When You Turn The Devil Down, listen above and you will find out!

Purchase the Mystery Lights’ debut album from here


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