SONG OF THE DAY Other Lives – I Need A Line

other-livesI’ve been catching up with a few musical purchases lately and have been completely escaping to the totally chilled out sounds of Oklahoma’s Other Lives; listening to their third album, ‘Rituals’ which was released in 2015.

I have so much time for this band and was blown away the first time that I heard ‘For 12.’  Creating a sound that gently pivots around a folk spectrum, this music has been known to stray into darker, indie realms from time to time also.  Always embracing intricate acoustic instrumentation, their music is a beautiful layering of warm sound, always delivered with a genuine and distinct richness. ‘Rituals is a great example of their fine ability to embellish the traditional folk sound with a little electronic experimentation which has given this record a different feel.

Featuring on ‘Rituals’ comes this fantastic live version of ‘I Need A Line.’  Listen above.

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