SONG OF THE DAY Ali Beletic – Stone Fox

avatars-000149630839-63g936-t500x500“I spent several years in the desert crafting this record.  It’s a very emotional, raw and inspired record.  It took a lot to get there.” – Ali Beletic 

Sensuous, undisguised smokey vocals mingle with an array of twangy, desert-drenched guitar riffs; this is a sound that crawls its way into your head, sticking to the insides of your ears like rich, smooth, chocolate glue, and this is a sound you will be happy to entertain for many an hour.

Raw, insightful and with hints of Dylan, The Black Keys and Patti Smith, Ali Beletic has created an album that nods to these influences whilst standing out very prominently on its own; a flashing beacon of originality just waiting to be heard!

Releasing her long-awaited debut album just ten days ago, ‘Legends of These Lands Left to Live’ consists of 11-track all of which were: “written and recorded during her time spent in the raw American landscape of the Sonoran Desert, after having left the art/punk scene and saturation of Brooklyn to explore concepts of transformation, personal rebellion, and that which exists out on the boundaries of our humanity. Filled with mysterious and emotional songs, Legends is the anthem of that journey, tracing rock n roll’s ancient history off-road through personal incantations of vanguardism, and telling her vogue rebel stories from the artist streets of New York and the vast Southwest” (extract taken from LA label, Lightning ‘s website).

Today’s punchy-drum-filled song is titled ‘Stone Fox,’ its packed full of some hefty bluesy guitar riffs, breathy vocals and is just bloody great really…but I have to add that this whole album is well worth a listen, this is a recommended go-check-it-out-now!

Find  ‘Legends of These Lands Left to Live’ here

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