SONG OF THE DAY Reignwolf – Bicycle

hehe15Canadian blues artist Jordan Cook, a.k.a Reignwolf was described in 2014 as one of ten artists you need to know and once you’ve heard the roar of his fuzzed-out guitar-blues you will know immediately why this statement is true.  

Harnessing his raw talent at a very young age, Reignwolf was playing in bands by the age of six and at 15 his blues-rock trio travelled to Switzerland to perform at the Montreux Jazz Fest. There, Cook, just a high-school freshman, found himself jamming onstage with the likes of Van Morrison, Edgar Winter and one of his personal idols, B.B. King.

Known for his minimalist, DIY approach, Reignwolf doesn’t just throw himself into his music, he hurls himself, unleashing distortion and blues-infused chaos in a frenzied attack of howling vocals and electrified rock….and this he has been known to do alone, opening for the likes of the Pixies and Black Sabbath as a one man band, sitting behind a drum kit, guitar in lap as well as singing and playing with one foot kicking out a beat on a kick drum!..but when one man can make this much epic sound, what else do you need!?

Today’s song is a perfect example of what this one man band can do in action: Reignwolf+guitar+drumkit= sonic bliss!

Listen and watch above…and also below, couldn’t resist a little extra one..


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