SONG OF THE DAY Jaden Smith – Labor V2

Now its pure coincidence that today’s song continues on a similar hip-hop theme to that of yesterdays, but when I heard Jaden Smith’s ‘Labor V2’ earlier today, it did capture my ear.

Initially I hadn’t realised who Jaden Smith was but then I did a little reading and eventually the penny dropped (I’m not one for keeping up with current movie stars).  Nonetheless, in his own right Jaden Smith is making a name for himself and whilst I’m not familiar with any of his other music, I don’t mind this song.

When the two-minute intro finally slides into the verse the song continues to revolve around a hypnotic violin arrangement, laid back and with a steady beat shifting it along with its loose rhythmic structure; this is easy listening.

Released to celebrate his 18th birthday, “LABOR V2” is a six-minute track where Jaden Smith shares his experience with fame and the current pop culture landscape. He tackles consumerism, the contempt that people have for others, the dangers of ignorance, and racial bias.  Its subject matter is heavy but it’s delivery is smooth and this contrast seems to work, enhancing the content further.  Listen above.



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