SONG OF THE DAY Harrison Brome – Fill Your Brains

Harrison-Brome-Fill-Your-BrainsOk, so I’m about a year late with the release of today’s song, but better late than never I always say and I got there with Harrison Brome in the end!

A year ago the young 19-year-old Vancouverite singer-songwriter released his debut single ‘Fill Your Brains,’ and after reading about how his sound was reminiscent of fellow West-Coasters The Neighbourhood, I had to give it a listen.

‘Fill Your Brains’ was a great introductory track, equipped with a subtle but catchy hip-hop influenced sound, its lo-fi production giving it a raw, stripped back appeal.  Opening with a heavy, unhurried beat, this pace sets the tone for what is a rather dark, downbeat melody, with Harrison Brome’s low-key soulful howls a somewhat melancholic tuneful cry in the gloom.

When explaining the story behind this melancholy meditation, Brome explained how ‘Fill Your Brains’ was based on “a moment in time where I witnessed people dealing with their problems through a form of escapism.”

The accompanying video to this track can be watchted here whilst a free download of this song and many more of Harrison Brome’s releases can be found here.  Listen above.


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