SONG OF THE DAY The Road – She’s Not There

A-396752-1349478868-5004.jpegWhen I heard this song on Blues Kitchen Radio the other day the DJ’s were commenting on how much better than the original this version was, but I’d have to disagree with that statement, really really disagree;  how can this be better than the Zombies!!!

This is still real good cover, however, and I love the way it builds as it goes into the chorus, it plays with the emphasis and gives the song a different dynamic.  I also love the bass line, though this is not too dissimilar to the original either and I’ve spent a lot of time teaching myself that bass line, I love playing it!

The Road hailed from Buffalo, New York and consisted of Phil and Jerry Hudson on vocals, Joe and Jim Hesse on bass and keyboards, Ralph Parker on guitar and Nick DeStefano on drums.  The band released a handful of singles and two albums on Kama Sutra Records between 1967 and 1970, with their cover of ‘She’s Not There’ appearing on their 1969 LP, this version hitting the charts the same year and made the Top 40 in several markets! Listen above.

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