SONG OF THE DAY Spooky Mansion – Mrs John

mrs_john_final_4San Francisco’s very own Spooky Mansion have just released a new song and its bound make your jaw drop, or possibly even lock once you discover just what was behind the writing of this track and, indeed, quite a few others!

Releasing their debut EP back in January the surfy soulsters are back with latest track ‘Mrs John’ which will feature to the Oakland-based OIM Records’ new compilation.  When discussing the motivations behind his songwriting, singer/guitarist Grayson Converse explained how:

 “A long time ago, I had one of my wisdom teeth taken out and they gave me a lot of painkillers.  I was on these painkillers for like a week, and I just started recording and writing songs. I was so relaxed! I wrote fucking 15 songs! So I got my next wisdom tooth out and like a formula, I went back down and wrote another 15 songs. I’ve got two more – I’m waiting for the next album!”

‘Mrs. John’ was born out of those wisdom teeth sessions and recorded at Skyline Studios in Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood by Jeff Saltzman (who also produced Hot Fuss by The Killers), the track discusses gender identity in an unusual, but very interesting way as Converse has also explained:

“Basically, this guy has a girlfriend down in L.A. and they’ve been apart.  He’s been experimenting with his thoughts thinking, ‘Wow, I really like the feel of pantyhose. I really like the look of a dress. That lipstick looks nice.’ He goes down to visit his girlfriend one weekend and she’s gone to work. He says, ‘Fuck it, I’m just going to try on some stuff. I’ve got the day to myself.’ He puts on lipstick and eyeliner and a dress. The roommate comes home and catches him. That’s the Mrs. John part – she comes home and she’s like, ‘What the fuck is going on? Are you gay?’ He’s like, ‘I don’t know. I don’t think so. I like you!’ It’s this conflict of ‘I like you, but if you can’t dig me in a dress, then this isn’t going to work out.’ “

The LP Blog has previously featured Spooky Mansions ‘Gone Too Far’ which also tackles the topic of changing gender, especially in terms of fashion, with a band member cross-dressing in a vintage frock and pantyhos! Never a dull moment eh!

‘Mrs Jones’ is a bright sunshiny track packed full of upbeat swirling surfy guitar riffs, bouncy rocky beats and Spooky Mansion’s very own distinct sound which isn’t hard to distinguish with Grayson’s vocals.  I look forward to hearing lots more so lets hope the teeth extractions keep coming! Listen above.

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