SONG OF THE DAY Sugar Candy Mountain – 666

0007808715_10Well here’s a track that’s easy like Sunday morning!  Astro-rockers Sugar Candy Mountain came together in 2011, originally a bedroom recording project and now a four-piece based in Los Angeles.

On the 8th of this month the band released new album ‘666’ via PIAPTK records which, from what I’ve heard so far, is a lovely collection of hazy, psychedelic-infused astral-garage rock nuggets; all of which are geared up to chill the senses and still the mind.

The first track to attract me to the delights of Sugar Candy Mountain’s new LP was the luscious ‘666,’ which is packed full to the brim of dreamy guitars, ethereal vocals and rock-you-to-sleep rhythms; it’s a sensory lullaby and it’s oh-so-chilled vibe really sets off this smooth Sunday morning.  Listen above.

Definitely an album worth investigating, you can grab your copy of ‘666’ from Sugar Candy Mountain’s Bandcamp page here

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