SONG OF THE DAY Hundred Waters – Down From the Rafters

hundred_waters_hiresWith music that’s part acoustic, part electronic and completely captivating, musicians Nicole Miglis, Trayer Tryon & Zach Tetreault make up Hundred Waters.  The trio met in middle school in Florida and formed the band in their adult years. The fusion of their talents quickly gave rise to a sound that has fans raving and critics drawing comparisons to Stereolab, Bjork and Four Tet.

After releasing their debut album in 2012, the band released “The Moon Rang Like A Bell” in 2014 and from this comes today’s song ‘Down From The Rafters.’  To say that this string-based, dream-intoxicating song sounds like a thousand fairies dancing on your back is something of an understatement; this is gentle yet powerful, gracefully still yet so moving. This track is a delectable mix of ethereal vocals, delicate beats, and stirring electronic melodies.  Drift off and listen above.

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