ian-sweet-3IAN SWEET prove that there is no one absolute; just the ease that comes with knowing everything will be OK as long as you hold tight to the pocket-sized things in life that bring happiness while you watch the rest of your world fall apart in slow-motion.”

Jilian Medford started out as a solo performer going by the name of IAN (a childhood nickname given to her because she was a tomboy), but now she leads a three-piece band called IAN SWEET and has been joined by drummer Tim Cheney and bassist Damien Scalise.

With a classically-trained vocal degree from Berklee, a connection to her drummer she calls “telepathic,” and a bassist who truly rips, Medford is seriously ready to stomp hard onto the scene with the dynamic debut full-length Shapeshifter, which Hardly Art will release on September 9.a0489561348_10

“#23” is the second single from IAN SWEET’s Shapeshifter which is a song honoring her favorite athlete Michael Jordan and, as in much of her songwriting, sees Medford displacing loneliness by falling in love with the small things that make her happy such as skateboarding, basketball, candy, and her preferred footwear: Crocs!  Im really liking the unique sound of Medford’s voice and the way it tunefully shifts from smooth to shrill, all in one line.

This is a band with a distinctive sound and one which I will definitely be keeping a close eye on.  Check out ‘#23’ above.

Due on September 9th, you can pre-order Shapeshifter from here


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