SONG OF THE DAY T-Bone Walker, Jr. (R.S. Rankin) – Midnight Bells Are Ringing

3833328Blues guitarist, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Thibeaux, aka “T-Bone” Walker, is known for his pioneering electric blues that has influenced a multitude of artists over the years, including B.B King, Gatemouth Brown, Pee Wee Crayton, Goree Carter and Pete Mayes.  Another artist to be influenced by T-Bone Walker was his nephew, R.S Rankin.

Completely taken by his Uncles guitar playing, Rankin persuaded T-Bone to buy him a guitar and it was shortly after this that he would join his Uncle on the road as his personal valet.  T-Bone Walker taught his nephew to play, for which he rapidly excelled, and in 1962 Rankin had given himself the title of T-Bone Walker, Jr for the 1962 single,  “Midnight Bells Are Ringing,” (with his uncle’s complete blessing, of course; the two had worked up a father-and-son-type act long before that). Listen above…and see if you can detect hints of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Love That Burns’ in this track?


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