SONG OF THE DAY Braille Face – Because

0007567723_10A moment of complete stillness and enchantment washed over me today when I played Braille Face’s ‘Because,’ and for the entirety of this beautiful track I was happy to drown in its delicate waters.  This is only the second time I’ve heard this song after I came upon the sounds of Braille Face the other day, but his exquisite charm has already made a lasting impression.

Jordan White, aka Braille Face is a Melbourne-based producer who creates what has been described as “exploratory ambient pop,” his music combining moody electronics with emotive and atmospheric songwriting.

With his debut album due for release at the end of this month, ‘Koya’ consists of twelve tracks that have been written with an intense honesty, exploring the personal realms of guilt, loss, sadness and complicity.  Vocally, Braille Face has a rich and textured tone, delicate yet powerful, resonating with tangible depth and sincerity.

Today’s song is titled ‘Because’ and I really hope it snatches you up and sits you down just as it did me the first time I heard it; the wonderfully stripped-back structure reflects perfectly the vulnerable honesty of White’s lyrics.

Braille Face is the first Australian signing to Spirit Level, a music label founded by long-time friends and collaborators Tim Shiel (electronic musician and Double J / triple j radio host) and Wally de Backer, also known as Gotye.  Due on August 31st, you can pre-order ‘Koya’ by clicking on the image below.




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