SONG OF THE DAY Burhou – Fitna

a1798051529_10London-based Burlou (pronounced ber-ROO) are a duo who emerged early last year with their superb debut single, ‘Please Delete’ (covered by The Listening Post Blog last April).  This track was an instant success and accumulated over 100,000 plays on Soundcloud in the first few months!

What closely followed was second single ‘Fitna’ which, following in the same less-is-more theme of ‘Please Delete,’ possesses the same minimalistic style.  Perfecting this art, Burhou have created a signature sound that builds on simple, yet effective structures, providing a sense of openness and space to drift through stripped-back melodies and laid-back rhythms.  Wonderfully delectable vocals are also a stand-out feature to Burhou, adding touches of soul to soft melodic synths and gentle beats; this you can hear perfectly in today’s song.  Listen above.

‘Fitna’ can be found on a compilation titled ‘Odd Numbers Volume 1.’ This is a brand new collection of songs covering a wide selection of new and exciting music from across the spectrum of pop and is available now via London label, 37 Adventures.

Check out more Burlou here

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