SONG OF THE DAY CFCF – You Hear Colours

0003451263_10What I really like about today’s track is the way it flows so freely, its layered structure giving a sensation of natural growth as it gradually develops; it was this stripped-back charm that captured my attention.  I particularly love the first few opening bars where nothing but an organic rhythm pounds out, this really sets the pace and guides you through a mesmerising layering of instrumental bliss; I can see why this is called ‘You Hear Colours,’ the mix is like an audio rainbow.

The artist behind this track is Canadian artist Michael Silver (aka CFCF), a self-taught electronic musician and vocalist based in Montreal who took his stage name from the call sign of the city’s CFCF-TV.  Naming artists such as Peter Gabriel, DJ Shadow, the Yellow Magic Orchestra and Talk Talk as major influences, CFCF has been releasing music since 2009 with his first single (and today’s song), ‘You Hear Colours’ released that same year.  Listen above and see what you think…

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