SONG OF THE DAY Danny Lover x Wes Murray – Chunk

a3951277604_10So so sleek, I just can’t get enough of this song today! Why has it taken me so long to discover Canadian artist, Danny Lover!

A deep, dark rhythm hauntingly echos out, hinting upon the trippy elements of Tricky/Massive Attack, whilst a blues piano riff mingles with sultry backing vocals and this is only the start! The atmosphere is intense, crows cry out in the background and a beat shuffles smoothly to the rhythm of two silken voices…this is superb..this is a song called ‘Chunk.’

This track appears on the recently released Danny Lover x Wes Murray collaboration album which was produced by 19.thou$and, mixed and mastered by Wes Murray and is entitled ‘Career Suicide.’

It’s definitely worth reading the story behind this album and this, together with the download, you can find here.

Meanwhile, I cannot wait any longer and am eager to see if every track on this album is as good as ‘Chunk.’ Listen and enjoy above!

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