SONG OF THE DAY D.D Dumbo – Walrus

DD-Dumbo-webAfter featuring one of my all time favourite artists yesterday, I bring you another! A more recent discovery and one that I came upon just a couple of years ago, but one that has made a massive impact on me.

Oliver Hugh Perry, aka D.D Dumbo is rather unique, his sound is unmistakable and his creative approach is both fresh and dynamic.  His music is earthy, drawing upon global and nature-inspired influences using only a simple drum beat, loop pedals and a 12-string guitar.

Minimal in structure and complemented by his powerful voice, D.D Dumbo’s music subtly
references traditional stylings from around the globe such as African desert blues, Tanzanian ilimba and transcendental Tuvan melody.  Vocally he is haunting and captivating, a whirlpool of grace and purity with which you will willingly submerge yourself into.

It’s been a long time coming but the young Australian artist has finally got a release date for his new album, ‘Utopia Defeated’ which is out 7 October via 4AD.  Taken from his debut comes today’s song, ‘Walrus’ which, with its infectious groove and lush layering, is an absolute delight to the ears!  Listen above.

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